Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Chennai - Prashanth Bionic R

Candid Photography

The chance to immortalize unforgettable moments and the magic of love is what drive me to do what I do. I chose The Best Indian wedding Candid photography because I love to lose myself among people and let my photos tell a thousand tales which the eye rarely catches. The tears of joy at baby birthday, endless laughter at couple engagement, the wolf whistles in per wedding and marriage events, the gossips during outdoor events, the singing and dancing at mehndi, I like to click and shot all of it - raw and real. While all my photos tell stories, some have a certain mystery to the pictures. Sometimes, the circumstances aren’t what they seem. Of course, the mystery behind such photos is the work of the camera and not some post-production improvisation. I’ve done Fifty plus wedding shoots over the past three years. Fashion events are separate to it. All these are a testament to the person I am and the work I do.

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