It takes two to make a thing right. It takes the love and affection of two big families to pull off a wedding of such might. Often weddings are seen as a way that the families show their wealth but in strong denial, a grand wedding shows the amount of love the families share in the union, the loads of blessings they seek from everyone around. In that way and every other beautiful manner, this Polisetty Wedding, a grand Telugu Wedding, was the best union that the Pellikuthuru and the Pellikoduku could have asked for. There was an amazing Sangeeth followed by a spectacular marriage ceremony. From minute details to grand decors, everything was as beautiful as the love they shared for each other. Telugu brides have such beautiful traditions to follow before she is united with her Telugu groom, who has indeed performed ample rituals himself. There was some innocent love lingering between the couple of the event and that reflected lavishly on everything around us which made the entire event as blissful as possible and helped us cover this wedding candid as much. There’s nothing you would compromise at your wedding and there was everything you’d want to celebrate. This wedding was one such bedazzling union of this blessed couple that is set on an amazing voyage now. All we felt was lots of gratitude to have been around who genuinely cared for each others’ families.

- Prashanth Ravi

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