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Destination Couple Shoot - OOTY

Pankaj & Nithesha

You don’t wake up everyday to an adventurous shoot especially when its not planned to be that way. There was a couple shoot planned at Ooty. Had someone told me, I would be experiencing what I did, I would have cracked up. But it was magical.

As planned, we started at Avalanche. More than anything, the biggest challenge was the 16 degree Celsius temperature. We found a scenery with a small waterfall that had no human intervention and started shooting. It was so peaceful and quiet that the only noise we heard was our own echoes and nature.

We took a break, then! We had hot sambar rice in a nearby house where we were treated with great love. We, then, geared up for our shoot next session. We surprisingly had an unwelcomed guest, the rain. It only excited me and the couple very much that we started the shoot along with the rains. We moved our location to a lake and made some couple portraits by the lake in the night with rain accompanying us. The rain was the X factor that made our pictures magical.

Our next stop was a beautiful resort that had a beautiful view. We got ourselves drained in 5 degrees cold water to shoot with one of the most cooperative couples. There was so much joy and happiness with the couple that they vibrated around the place.

Our last spot was the 6th mile where we shot with some amazing landscapes as backgrounds. It was an amazing shoot. More than anything, the couple treated us like their family which made this a beautiful experience with such great fun and happiness. It was never like work rather a great trip with family.

 -Prashanth Ravi

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