Creative E-Commerce Product Photographer in chennai - Prashanth Bionic R

Product Photography - MAYIL LONDON

Product photography ranges from outdoor, eCommerce, makeup, watch, food, industrial products, cosmetics and Jewellery.

I am glad to have done professional product photography for MAIL LONDON Jewellery at UK. They offer Indian Jewellery  at best pricing that is unique, elegant and a combination of tradition, beauty and fashion. Well, They operate as an online commercial store at UK offering portfolio of both bridal and non-bridal Jewellery. When I started out, they gave me a branding brief about their services explained as below.

" We want our brand to stand out for high quality consistent photograph for any kind of Jewellery  given. When our customers visit our site, we want them to have an experience which will make them feel the look of the jewel to be very natural. Visually the photographs should be more natural with some consistency. "

It really took much efforts to get consistency with the angles and light setup initially. I had to spend much time on selecting the right raw wooden bark and logs for the background texture.

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