Destination Shoots

Destination shoots are my favourite. They help me marry the beauty of nature with the endless love that flows between the couple. My expertise in lifestyle, artistic, dramatic, aerial, modern traditional and classic photography helps me in creating a wonderful album for the couple. My work with other couples before has taken me to various places across India and South-East Asia including the shores of Andaman and Nicobar islands, the lush greens of Pune, Coimbatore and Indonesia, the city lights of Chennai, Delhi and Malaysia, and the holy temples of Madurai among others. I love planning the trip with the couple at least a month in advance because I want everything to be near perfect. The time spent with the couple also helps me understand them better, while helping them

feel more comfortable working with me.


“Well as I scrolled through all your pics I noticed your love for Nature. And what’s even more fascinating is how you’ve incorporated portraits (of your clients) along with your love for nature . There is an honesty in your work and your concepts are very fresh and new.” -Shobhita Singh Parmar

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