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   Hi, I'm a Photographer & Entrepreneur! I have been Recognized as CANON EOS Influencer at CANON India. My work spans across domains such as wedding, couple shoots, travel photography and end to end branding and identity design support for companies. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Robotics Engineering and have worked for three years in IBM. What triggered me into what I’m doing right now is the penchant towards art and photography. My passion has only grown stronger through all these years in spite of all the missed chances and challenges that life has thrown at me. I have always had a profound connection with art since my childhood. As a child, I was fascinated by pencil sketching, then stumbled upon dance and eventually fell into the magical world behind the lens. Social media and friends have been my biggest boost. The support and acclaim over the years have been my biggest motivational factors for doing what I love the most. Pursuing a degree in Engineering made it even more clear as to what I should choose as a career.

     I consider knowledge and creative instinct to be equally important for my work. Capturing emotion has been one of my colossal joys at work. I also love producing innovative pieces of work where the audience is left to wonder in awe and a sense of mystery as to what the circumstances of the capture might have be. I have been taking this as an everyday challenge since the past few years. The recognition that I have received from National Geographic - Yourshot community, made me realize that a good capture doesn’t always come from using a good shooting gear and setup, the good capture comes by improvising and challenging your creative instincts given a situation. Not having a proper gear during the initial days pushed me to think out of the box and step out of my comfort zone. As of now, I have handled projects across the world from UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. I’ve also traveled across India with my major clients hailing from cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi. I wish to create a positive change in the world through art. I love being inspired by all things good and I strive to be one. 

     For those who might be wondering on the reason behind the ‘Bionic’(a portmanteau of biology and electronic) surname, it was something I chose as my surname for social media while I was into making dub-step videos which also shows my love for any intervention between the soul and technology. I chose this logo as it was inspired from one of my photographs below, which I think defines me more - "Being Exciting and Curious". Surprisingly the shape of legs denoted the letter "P".

Switching Life’s Focus To Manual Mode

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